Wait for it….!

New, improved, laser-focused SmartCEO coming this fall with new content, services, events, and networks to help you CONNECT, INFORM and INSPIRE as a CEO

If you liked SmartCEO before, you’re going to love the new SmartCEO.

The company will be relaunched with new ownership and we are hard at work creating more powerful, more useful, more streamlined, more targeted content and services to help you as CEO of your small- to mid-sized business solve your challenges and not just survive, but thrive.

The new team

We have assembled a team of highly experienced media executives to build our media, products, educational services, and events designed solely to identify your needs and deliver the information you need to meet those needs.

The new CEO, Jim McDonald, has started and run successful media companies for decades. Since the mid 90’s, Jim has been a media company president, publisher or CEO including at The New York Press, Philadelphia Weekly, Metro International, The Washington Examiner, BreakingNews.com, and other targeted magazine companies. Jim is an aggressive, enthusiastic advocate for the owners of small and mid-sized businesses, believing they are under assault by not only large national and international monopoly conglomerates but also by state and federal legislators who seem to have forgotten that small and mid-sized businesses are the backbone of our local, state and national economies. In his words, “Our focus will be on the success of our local business constituencies whom we will inform, connect and inspire”.

The new editor in chief, John Wilpers, partnered with Jim to start the Washington Examiner and also worked with Jim at Metro International. John has been a journalist since 1972, and has been editor in chief of newsrooms of all sizes, from 4 to 400 staffers. Since 2008, John has been Senior Director/USA of Innovation Media Consulting, helping media companies from Norway and Peru to South Africa, India, New York City and more transform from failing, print-focused operations to become successful, multi-media, multi-platform content- and revenue-generating machines. John, too, believes in the need to nurture small and mid-size businesses. But he believes the traditional media are not getting the job done. John will insure that SmartCEO delivers targeted, useful, concise information in ways that make it easy for busy CEOs to absorb it quickly and act upon it to improve their businesses.

A number of regional editors will be announced in August and each will focus on informing and engaging CEO’s and executives in their respective markets. These regional editors will lead the relaunch of a robust and engaging digital media product designed specifically for our target audience.

What can you expect from the new SmartCEO?

You will not only have a friend, but you will also have a trusted, informed advisor and consultant who will do the deep research and news monitoring that you are way too busy to do.

You will not just have a news feed (there are lots of those) — you will have a news feed that is in the context of your business, laser-focused, concise, and useful. We will endeavor to tell you not only the news, but what it means to you as a CEO.

Beyond the news feed and news alerts, you will have events, webinars, instructional videos, educational opportunities, and exclusive networks with other CEOs in your city with whom you can share challenges and solutions.

The new SmartCEO will be the business consultant you can’t afford to hire as well as the facilitator of connections and opportunities you don’t have the time or resources to make happen.

The new SmartCEO will be your partner in driving your business to new levels of success and propelling you as CEO to new levels of efficiency, creativity, and growth you couldn’t imagine before.

Sound good?

Wait for it…..!

See you in the fall!

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